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I did my best to find a compatible wiki program for Dragons Valley, I hope it is to your liking!

To use this wiki, first contact Jafira and ask him to create an account for you, wait to receive your credentials then sign in and simply click on the edit option of any page or category to type or add your information. Using html is not necessary, but if used within your writings it may allow for added page effects.

To create a new page in any category simply type your page title in double brackets --> [ [ your new page ] ] while in a text editing box, then save and a link to your new page should appear.

Due to the risk of abuse, I have locked the dragon wiki from non-members. I am trusting you all to act responsibly and not abuse this tool, please be mature about this.



In short, pretty much you can simply write or add whatever you know about dragons within these pages.

With the combined knowledge of numerous members it should be possible to gather quite an information base on dragons and otherkin views. However, do keep in mind that any member can type or edit anything within these pages. I am trusting you all not to abuse this responsibility.

To create a new page or category simply put the page title within double brackets. Then go from there.

Feel free to add in some html code if you would like to pretty up your page or enhance text.

This is a powerful tool, please have fun! ^,=,^

~Jafira Dragon

Please add tips or bugs below here for others reference: