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OTHERKIN.NET: is a community hub for the online Otherkin community. If you haven’t been here before, you may wish to check out our selection of introductory and featured articles on the subject. If you’re already familiar with otherkin, here you’ll find articles, creative works, community events, groups, and status updates by community members past and present. And, of course, you’re welcome to join us and add to them yourself.

ANOTHERWIKI.ORG: An Otherkin specific Wiki Resource

DREAMHART.ORG: Otherkin Directory, AnotherWiki, Community, Forum and Resources

DRACONITY.ORG: Large general Dragon Fandom and Dragonkin community.

DRACONITY RESOURCE PROJECT: The Draconity Resource Project is an initiative by a group of dragons to collect articles about draconity and make them available in one place. We feel the draconic community would find such a collection extremely useful, and we are working to make it happen.

JAFIRA'S OTHERKIN GUIDE: An Otherkin Starters Guide written by Jafira Dragon. Ebook pdf, 75 pages. Touches upon spiritual aspects, social expectations, psychological introspection and general anecdotal experience.

Otherkin Timeline and Resources: The Art and Writing of Orion Scribner

KINMUNITY: Kinmunity is the largest online community serving otherkin, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, and the other-hearted.

ERISTIC.NET: An otherkin link and resource directory

KINHOST.ORG: A community resource for otherkin with "HeadMates"